Experience the freedom of a boat and be one with nature. 

Catch more fish with a float tube than ever before!
With the float tube you will be able to fish much more precise and get much closer to the fish.
You will experience less effects of the wind so you can fish at your fishing spot, pursuing the pike of your life!

With the arrival of the newest fishfinders like Garmin Livescope, you are able to see what is going on beneith you.
That way you can do excellent pelagic fishing and be able to see the fish live in action!

The best coiche depends on your basic needs, are you going to walk far with it or do you use it on those smaller lakes which do not allow electrical boats? Or are you a professional BB Champion to be?
We can help you with all different set ups and needs.

With a   float tube   you can fish really good at walleye and pike, but as well lake trout and bass. 
For the fly fisherman the float tube is ideal to fish in between the fish without getting tangled in the bushes on shore.  

To propel through the water you should use fins and/or a electric motor. Most of our fins are one-size-fits-all specialised for using with waders.
The Float Plus pro system allows you to use the force of an electric motor, combined with a wireless remote, and enjoy the smooth comfort from your floating fishing chair!

The PVC float tubes are available in different types. Make sure they have enough airchambers and if there are any questions regarding the models, please feel free to contact us.