PVC Glue SABA 70T - 250ml.
  • PVC Glue SABA 70T - 250ml.

PVC Glue SABA 70T - 250ml.

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This glue is specially for glueing mounts on your tubeless floattube.

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Sabacontact 70T

Sabacontact 70T is primarily used for bondings in the transport industry, boat-building, horticulture and pond technology. This product is excellently suited for bonding soft PVC film and synthetic leather. For improved properties, mix with Sabacure L.

Your benefits

  • reliability for very high water resistance
  • strong and durable bond thanks to resistance to softening agents
  • very good for the bonding of PVC film below the water level
Saba 70T - 250 ml.