Floatmaster XL Black 'Float Plus Ready' 2020

VAT included

Floatmaster XL 'Black Edition' 'Float Plus ready'


Float Plus


The Floatmaster XL AIR is made from very sturdy double-walled PVC, which gives it the strength of a Zodiac.

This bellyboat has since proven itself to be the absolute favorite with catfish fishermen on large water and pike, perch and zander fishing.

This bellyboat is also an excellent choice for pelagic fishing!

Features of the 'Floatmaster XL AIRBlack Edition'

► 3 separate air chambers for extra safety

► extra large areas of velcro for the bags, airdeck and chair so that everything stays in place

► including 2 XL bellyboat bags

► Float Plus Ready, so easy to equip with a Float Plus electric motor

► 1500 Denier, double-walled PVC

► Extremely easy to inflate via "bayonet valve"

► Equipped with "Drift Kiels" on the bottom to be more resistant to crosswinds.

► Paddles can optionally be mounted on both sides for longer distances and running water

► Enough storage space and expandable with the Scotty Glue Patches

► Dimensions: 170 cm x 110 cm

► Carrying weight: approximately 200 kilos

► Weight approx .: 12 kilos

► Easy to carry on the back with carrying straps

XL Black 2020